IMG_4324 Sundays in the produce section, my favorite part of the store, one of my favorite routines! On Sunday or any day I spend more time in this section than any other part of the store. I look to see what news fruits and veggies they have, I scope the organic options, and because it is a store and not the farm, some of the produce is not as fresh or has been damaged in transportation, I look through and pick the best looking fruits and veggies they have to offer. This is my Sunday morning, when the produce is just put out, routine.

Over the years, as a part of being mindful about my nutrition and eating habits, I have learned that maintaining a healthy diet takes work. Part of being successful at eating properly is planning, preparing meals ahead of time, and making sure you have all the things you need on hand so you don’t turn to quick unhealthy choices. I use Sundays to plan my meals, shop for the things I need to complete those meals, and begin any prep needed(such as soaking and sprouting) to not only save time during the week but to make sure I have many healthy choices on hand so I minimize the chances of making unhealthy ones.

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