Dr. Noreen, The Tox Doc's Blog

Our bodies have been perfectly designed to naturally detoxify and eliminate toxic chemicals. However, every perfectly designed “machine” has a breaking point, especially if it is overworked and is not well maintained.

It is my mission and passion to spread the truth about our toxic exposures. We are constantly exposed to potentially toxic chemicals and we simply cannot escape them. Further, chemicals are not the enemy…until they get to a level that can cause toxic health effects. Many chemicals are natural and it is when they are repurposed or misused that there is the potential for unintended toxicity to manifest.

The reason that I wrote “Talking Toxicology” is because I want everyone to have access to the TRUTH about toxicity, as well as learn how to reduce their overall toxic burden.

There are so many people and young children being diagnosed with completely preventable chronic diseases. When your body is…

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